Lankford Construction


The Problem

Lankford Construction started as a one-man fixture contractor in 1951. Since then, the Illinois-based company has grown to specialize in building expansions, remodels, and store fixtures across the United States. Many members of its 100+ person team frequently travel for out-of-state projects.

Lankford Construction Company is a union general contractor specializing in the installation and maintenance of store fixtures, remodeling, building expansions, and customizing previously owned buildings for big-box retailers throughout the United States. They also added a painting division in 2002.

Over the decades, Lankford Construction has balanced corporate structure with its commitment to family values and standards of quality, professionalism, and safety. But with a growing number and range of projects, subsidiary responsibilities quickly piled on. Lankford Construction began to outsource jobs unrelated to its core business, from administrative tasks to lodging for its traveling workforce. The challenge was finding partners that upheld the company’s same high level of service and care.

“When I joined the team, we weren’t happy with the lodging solutions we were using, so I started researching,” says Pamela Steskal, administrative assistant for more than 3 years at Lankford Construction. “We tested several lodging companies, but we kept running into problems.”

Steskal says some lacked the communication and transparency Lankford Construction needed. Often, there was no visual component to where her supervisors and field personnel were staying, and sometimes they would be invoiced more than 6 months after a project. Other services had expensive rates, clunky interfaces, inconvenient processes, or subpar customer service.

Ultimately, they each caused too much wasted time and effort.


The Case Study

Download the case study here.



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