Intern Housing


The Challenge

One of the largest contractors in the world for construction, mining, and engineering services wanted to ramp up its recruitment through its intern program. When done correctly, a strong intern program can develop a greater talent pool, save on training new hires, and be the key to sustainable business growth. Gaining a competitive edge for intern talent is tough, though. With so many other opportunities out there, how can a company make its program stand out?

It’s all about creating a smooth, engaging intern experience — and housing is instrumental. Today’s leading companies have already set a high standard for intern accommodations. Without it, out-of-town recruits can be discouraged by having to find affordable, temporary housing own their own. Furthermore, many can fall prey to rental scams. Offering company-provided housing makes your program more attractive and improves the overall experience. Ultimately, this converts more interns into quality, full-time employees.

The company operated across 40+ branches in the U.S. alone and was already hiring hundreds of summer interns each year. Traditionally, the company offered either a housing stipend or company-provided housing from various sources. After receiving mixed results, the company started to consider an all-in-one provider.


The Case Study

Download the case study here.



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