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Travelers Haven is one of the four largest and fastest growing corporate housing companies in the United States. Founded in 2008, the Denver-based firm manages every aspect of the short-term housing process to save its clients money, time, and stress. Travelers Haven offers the best rates in the industry, unparalleled support, and a complete suite of tools to inform and optimize any housing program. For more information, go to

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“I have been in the housing business for over 16 years and have worked with many companies that locate housing across the United States. Travelers Haven is hands down the best company in the industry. They maintain very high standards in the thing they do best, which is locating the best possible apartments and hotels for the best cost in every area. I am very proud to have Travelers Haven as my housing partner. We are in the best of hands and so are our clients!”


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“Travelers Haven excels as our partner through their timely, professional, and cost-effective offerings. In an environment where time is money and quality is reputation, I am thankful for a partner like Travelers Haven so I may always service my clients to the highest standard at market-driven rates.”




“By partnering with Travelers Haven, our housing process has been streamlined which allows us to focus more of our time on what matters most, our travelers.  Additionally, by utilizing MTM leases on all of our placements, we have seen an increase to our bottom line. In 2015 alone, we saved over $305,000 in vacancy costs and freed up over $217,000 by eliminating security deposits.”


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